Lycanthropes meet magic meet "Highlander"

Game Setting
Coming Soon

(Tues Jan 6th, 2010)

Lycantorques Roleplaying Game

is a great new game that explores a world where clans of people rally behind heroes who utilize powerful arcane torques to shift into werecreatures. These torques are few and their power is great. Wars are fought over them and schemes are hatched to obtain them. Their origins are unknown and all attempts to create more have failed. Each is unique in its powers and their owners are worshipped as gods. Enter a world of intrigue and mystical might.

Lycantorques Roleplaying game is in the process of being written. We'll put a free working draft on the site shortly. We hope that you will enjoy the Lycantorque game world and let us know what you think. Thanks.

Lycantorques is currently in the development stage and we'll be posting our ideas about the game as we go along.

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